Born: 1959 (age 60)
Origin: Bankura, West Bengal, India
Genres: Baul Sangeet, Lalon Geeti, Bhaba Pagla, etc.
Instruments: Vocal, Ektara, Duggi, Dotara, Anandalahari, Dubki, Sri Khol, Korotal etc.
Occupation(s): singer
Years active: 1964–present

Satyananda Das (born 1959) is a Baul (Bengali: বাউল) singer, musician, dancer and composer from West Bengal, India.  He is known for his rich repertoire of old baul songs, tradition-based improvisation, and dynamic-delicate dance.

He sings the Baul poetries of many great predecessors and some poetries of his own, in variety of unique melodies based on rich music tradition of Bengal. He has put melodies to many Bhaba Pagla's lyrics also. Those songs have been loved and sung by many other singers as well.

Early life
Satyananda was born in Bankura district, West Bengal, India. From his childhood, he loved music and learned from many masters (singing, tabla, dance, hurmonium, etc). He worked with theater group and learned basic of dance and singing at his early life. He went to school, but he loved nature life than school life. He escaped from school and spent his time in the forest. He learned essential wisdom of life from the forest and nature.

Guru Parampara
When he was 7 years old, he received initiation (diksha) from his diksha guru, Shri Bhagaban Das. He met with Shri Krishnananda Goswami and Mata Radharani Goswami at Sonamukhi Mela(Bankura district), and then, he was invited to sadhu utsav of their ashram. He was given initiation of shiksha and sannyas to the way of sadhu, by Shri Krishnananda Goswami, he left home and lived at guru ashram to do practice baul sadhana -yoga, meditation, pranayama, baul sangeet etc, from 9 years old. His primary guru of Baul music was Shri Bhubanmahan Das(from East Bengal, now Bangladesh), and Satyananda learned some Batiali songs from him also. He has dedicated his life to learn baul sadhana and take care of his gurus at guru ashram in Bankura more than 40 years. He also acquired rich knowledge of herbal medicines (Ayurveda) from his guru maa, Mata Radharani Goswami since his childhood. He and his wife, Hori Dasi received jukta sannyas (conjugal renunciation) from Shri Haripada Goswami and Mata Nirmala Goswami in 2005 at Nabasan Ashram, Bankura district.

He started his career as actor with theater group when he was 5 years old. Since he was initiated by his guru, he has been joining to many sadhu utsabs (festivals) and performing baul songs.[1]  He learned "Baul tatwa gaan" from old sadhus at sadhu utsabs. He joined Paban Das Baul's group and went to perform at big world music festivals (include WOMAD) in Europian countries several times in 90's. He performed as Baul folk singer of All India radio Kolkata (Akashbani Kolkata) for 5 years in 90's. He went to perform in Manipur, Tripura and Nagaland organized by Banga Sanskriti in 2003. He performed at World Sacred Music Festival in Berlin, Germany 2003. He performed at Doordarshan Kendra Delhi in 2004 and his performance was broadcasted widely in India. He often visited Japan with his wife, Hori Dasi (married in Japan 2004) from 2004 to 2010, and he performed Baul songs at his concerts and festivals in Japan. He had been offered to record his singing for commercial music casette tapes in India. However, he thought that he should not sell "mohajoner pod" (the words of great souls), so, he didn't agree to the recording contracts. But, his songs were copied and recorded by many other singers. Then, he went to Japan in 2004 and met with Takashi Imai of kikorirecords, and agreed to record some Baul songs to preserve it.  He performed with Pakisthani doli artists group at  Romarakuda in Tokyo in 2008 and his singing accompanied by them was recorded by a world music producer Makoto Kubota. This recording was on aired from NHK FM navigated by Prof Kazuyuki Murakami and DJ Takuya Unagami in Japan.  He performed at Namaste India Tokyo 2008-2010.[2]  He performed at World Music and Dance Festival in Hakodate, Japan 2009.[3]  He was invited to teach Baul songs at workshop in Port Blair, Andaman Island organized by EZCC in 2008.  He performed at Jadavpur Baul Fakir Utsab in 2006-2012 and his performances were recorded and made as CDs by festival committee.[4][5]  In 2010, he performed as Paban Das Baul's group member at Nine Lives Concert, Sydney Writers Festival, Sydney Opera House Australia, led by William Darlymple. Susheela Rahman and Sam Mills also joined this concert.  He performed opening song at opening ceremony of Maati Utsab 2014.  Satyananda and Hori are doing the Europe tour every year since 2014.[6]  He performed at International Mother Language Day (Bhasha Utsab) 2015, Bangla Akademi Kolkata.[7]  He has a annual concert at Shri Aurobindo Institute of Culture in December or January and he has performed this concert more than 20 years.[8][9][10]  Satyananda performed as one of the accompanying artists of the first sangeet natak akademi awardee Baul Guru, Shrimati Parvathy Baul, in Australia(2017) and in Hungary(2018). Satyananda and Hori performed at Teatro Verde in Roma, 2017, and at Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery in Athens, Greece, 2018.

Social activity
Satyananda and Hori were inspired by Dr Debal Deb and Dr Vandana Shiva's works, and did organic farming of traditional rice and vegetables at Nabasan Ashram, Bankura 2011-2012, and at Theatre House, Birbhum 2013.  

"Best singer of the year" at North Bengal Baul Mela, New Jalpaiguli, 2012
"Lalon Sanman" at All Bangla lalon Mela, Nadia, 2014

Some popular songs
Ami Jar Jonne Pagol (Satyananda Das)
Ami Kangal Doyal Guru Amar Mon To Kangal Noi (Lalon Shah)
Cheton Gurur Shougo Dhore (Lalon Shah)
Bhab Sagore Bhaber Manush (Bhoba)
Jibon Nodir Kuley Mon Dhure Ar Pran Dhure (Bhaba Pagla)
Dhur Korede Moner Moila Thakur Puja Kor (Bhaba Pagla)
Thakte Manush Chene Na Re (BhabaPagla)
Guru Ki Tor Emni Hat Dhora (Bhagaban Gosain)
Mon Jodi Tui Shei Deshe Jabi (Poddo Lochon)
Vrindabone Phul Phutechhe (Radhashyam Das)
Ami Abar Jeno Tomar Dekha Pai (Roshik Sarkar)

Satyananda Das Baul in Tokyo 2004
Spirit of Baul (2007)
Baul Songs Satyananda Das (2008)
Satyananda Das Baul sings Bhaba Palga (2009)
Satyananda Das Baul sings Lalon (2015)
Satyananda Das Baul in France 2014

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