Baul poetry

Manob Deho Kolpo Bhumi 

(Poet: Kalachand Pagol)

Manob Deho Kolpo Bhumi
Jotno Korle Rotno Phole
Bhobe Aashar Aasha Purno Hobe
Shubho Joge Chaash Korile ||

Kormo Dhatur Langol Dhore
Choy Bolode Ne Chaash Kore
Shomoy Hole Rotno Phole
Jut Thakite Bij Bunile ||

Ei Jomi Tor Choddo Puwa
Bhogobaner Kripay Gelo Paowa
Guru Montro Bije Ne Na Shije
(O re) Gaach Hole Bij Jonme Mule ||

Kalachand Pagole Bole
Phul Phutibe Jole Sthole
Oi Rup Milbe Bhojon Shotto Hole
Tomar Hridkomole Prem Uthule ||


Human body is the land of wishes
If work hard carefully, will bring the harvest of treasures
All wishes can be fulfilled in this world
If cultivate body in the right time

Hold the plough of actions
Cultivate with using six cows*
At the right time treasures will grow
If sow seeds while living

Your land(body) is this fourteen lengths
It was given by Divine Grace
Take the seeds of Guru mantra to sow
When tree grow, the seeds will birth in the top

Crazy Kalachand says
Flowers will bloom in and under the water
The form will come when faith is true
When love rises in the heart lotus**


*6 enemies
1. Lust or Desire (Sanskrit: Kama)
2. Anger (Sanskrit: Krodha)
3. Greed (Sanskrit: Lobha)
4. Arrogance (Sanskrit: Mada)
5. Attachment (Sanskrit: Moha)
6. Jealousy (Sanskrit: Matsarya)

**Heart chakra