About Satyananda Das Baul - সত্যানন্দ দাস বাউল

Satyananda Das Baul
Satyananda is a sadhaka, singer, musician, dancer and composer from West Bengal, India. He is known for his rich repertoire of old devotional songs and tradition-based improvisation. He captivates the world audiences by his wide range voice, resonance tune and dynamic-delicate dance.

He sings the poetry of many great predecessors and some of his own, in variety of unique melodies based on rich music tradition of Bengal. He has put melodies to many Bhaba Pagla's lyrics also. Those songs have been loved and sung by many other singers as well.

His expression along with his devotion has caused ripples in the world of imaginative music. His soulful voice and blissful tunes have been reputed as "The singing voice of soul" ("魂の詩声"), lead the listeners to a state of meditation and bring inner happiness with deep healing.

He plays Ektara (one string), Duggie (small drum) and Ghungur (foot bells) mainly with his singing and dancing. He plays Anandalahari, Khonjori, Dotara, Shri khol, and other various instruments also.

He praises the divine in every being, through singing, drumming, playing a string instrument and bells on his feet. Sometimes all at the same time. All the while radiating joy and devotion.

His initiator guru (dikshya guru) had been Sri Bhagaban Das (from West Bengal, India) and his spiritual teacher (sikshya guru, sannyas guru) had been Sri Krishnananda Goswami (from West Bengal). Right from childhood, he had taken up the path of austere endeavor. He learned from several masters of music also. His primary guru of music had been Sri Bhuban mohan Das (from East Bengal). 

Satyananda and Hori (his accompanist, plays mondira cymbals) were given "Chaitanya mantra" in 2005 by Sri Haripada Goswami, who was a centenarian mentor.

Satyananda and Hori have been travering sacred places across the length and breadth of India and abroad.
Email : satyahori@gmail.com

Baul Artist - Satyananda Das Baul with Ektara  সত্যানন্দ দাস বাউল 

বাউল Bauls at Nine Lives Concert, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Writers Festival, in 2010 - photo by Hori Dasi

বাউল Baul with Dotara in Mt. Pyrenee, France - photo by Hori Dasi
বাউল Baul in Tokyo - photo by Kouji Kubota
Satyananda Das Baul with dotara
সত্যানন্দ দাস বাউল at old Temple in West Bengal India - photo by Hori Dasi

Satyananda in Firenze, Italy 2015 - photo by Hori Dasi

Satyananda Das Baul with Ektara in the forest, France -photo by Hori Dasi 
Satyananda Das Baul & Hori Dasi - photo by Ashok Krishna Mitra

 Bauls at Praner Bhagan 09,03,2014 photo by Hori Dasi

Satyananda and Rabindranath Tagore at Lake Balaton in Hungary 2018


Satyananda Das Baul in Italy 2018

Anandadhara : An event by Srijan TV at ICCR Kolkata auditorium

 সত্যানন্দ দাস বাউল International Mother Language Day at Bangla Academy in Kolkata

Baul Music at Sydney Opera House, in 2010

Sydney Writers Festival, Nine Lives Concert at Sydney Opera House
led by William Dalrymple,
Artists: Paban Das Baul, Mimlu Sen, Kanai Das Baul, Satyananda Das Baul, Susheela Raman, Sam Mills, Shah jo raag fakirs, Hari Das...

The Baul (Bengali: বাউল) are a group of mystic minstrels from Bengal which includes Indian State of West Bengal and the country of Bangladesh. Bauls constitute both a syncretic religious group and a musical tradition. Bauls are a very heterogeneous group, but their membership mainly consists of Vaishnava Hindus and Sufi Muslims. They can often be identified by their distinctive clothes and musical instruments. Not much is known of their origin. Lalon Fokir is regarded as the most important poet-practitioner of the Baul tradition. Baul music had a great influence on Rabindranath Tagore's poetry and on his music (Rabindra Sangeet).

Though Bauls comprise only a small fraction of the Bengali population, their influence on the culture of Bengal is considerable. In 2005, the Baul tradition was included in the list of "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO.

English translation of a baul song.

Ami Aabar Jeno Tomar Dekha Pai
(May we meet Again)

If I pass away before you
Oh my beloved
May we meet again

Alone, I will melt into the beautiful blue sky
Telling stories of the heart to the southern breeze
Whether I am alive or dead
I wish to be with you

In the glow of sunset, I will be a star at twilight
and gaze at you as I forget everything
May the two streams of our separate lives
merge into one

Even if I lose sight of you in times of hardship
and wander in an unknown land with pain in my heart
If destiny let us meet again
May I never lose you

If I pass away before you
Oh my beloved
May we meet again

Indo-Hellenic Society for Culture & Development

Arcinazzo Romano (Lazio) 25 novembre 2017
Satyananda Das Baul in Roma

Pubblicato il 25 novembre 2017 da Ilmarinen
Domenica 26 novembre, al Teatro Verde di Roma si terrà un concerto con la presenza straordinaria di Satyananda Das Baul, mistico e cantastorie della tradizione Baul, la corrente spirituale che unisce indissolubilmente spiritualità e arte, mistica e poesia. La tradizione Baul, che significa ‘colpito o attraversato dal vento’ (vātul), dall’aria vitale o dal furore poetico, fa riferimento all’opera di alcuni dei sommi mistici e poeti della letteratura bengali.
La tradizione in oggetto ha in Bangladesh importanti radici, ed è molto popolare anche in Bengala Occidentale e nel resto del mondo.
Satyananda Das Baul è un maestro custode di antichi canti e di uno stile ricercato e intenso.
Pubblicato in Arte e Cultura | Etichettato Satyananda Das Baul Roma Teatro Verde

Kelara news paper, 13th Feb, 2016, - article about JoyDev Mela, written by Sobha Narayan in malayalam language.

Kerala News paper, 13th Feb, 2016

Leonid Plotkin, The Nomadic Alternative - Fragments from a life of travel  5 November 2014

Satyananda Das Baul © 2014 Leonid Plotkin www.leonidfotos.com

Music of the wandering minstrels
The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Metro | Timeout 9 Jan 2010  

Bauls at Baul Fakir Utsav
Music of the wandering minstrels
Event: Baul Fakir Utsav 2010 When: January 9 and 10; 11 am onwards Where: Shaktigarh, Jadavpur

Winter feast of songs of the soil
- Large audience for second Baul-fakir utsav at Jadavpur
The Telegraph - Calcutta : Metro 10 Jan 2007, Arka Das

...Satyananda Das Baul’s set reflected his maturity and excellent modulation...


Border melts in Tagore Nobel celebration
Times of India‎ - 12 Dec 2013
TNN | Dec 13, 2013, 03.54AM IST
KOLKATA: Top Bangladeshi singers like Nandita Yasmin, Shama Rahman, Aditi Mohsin and Iffat Ara Dewan will be in town this week to mark the centenary of Rabindranath Tagore's Nobel.

Organized by Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture as part of its annual cultural event 'Aspirations', the nine-day extravaganza includes a play reading of Noor Jahan and a play adaptation of Sri Aurobindo's short story 'The Phantom Hour'. It will be inaugurated by Khondaker Showkat Hossain, secretary, ministry of housing and public works, Bangladesh on Saturday at the lush green ashram near Tollygunge.

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) and Bengal Foundation are joining hands with Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture to celebrate the Nobel centenary, where eminent artists, intellectuals and cultural doyens from both sides of the border will interact with each other.
One of the highlights is a lecture by professor Anisuzzaman, a veteran of the Liberation War, who was responsible for the Bengali part of the Bangladesh Constitution. Another unique event is the play reading of Dwijendralal Roy's 'Noorjahan' by Supriti Mukhopadhyay, embellished with Swastika Mukhopadhyay's songs. One of Roy's best known plays, it has Noorjahan plotting revenge against emperor Jahangir.

Some of the finest Rabindrasangeet exponents from Bangladesh like Aditi Mohsin and Iffat Ara Dewan will perform during the nine-day festival, along with Baul singers Satyananda Das and Hori Dasi. There will be a tribute to Manna Dey by S F Karim, Abhijit Bandyopadhyay, Tarun Majumder, Haimanti Sukla, Pallav Ghosh and Santanu Basu.

Aspirations traditionally showcases arts and crafts of South Asia. This time, there are several organizations, including Auroville, and Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation, bringing products like medicinal and organic textiles and hand-made, natural personal care products.


Aspiration 2005 - annual celebration of dance, music and culture

Aspiration - annual celebration of culture, music and dance

Satyananda Das Baul at Aspiration 2004

ASIAN FESTA in Roppongi Hills 2008, Tokyo, Japan


World Music and Dance Festival in Hakodate 2009


In 2005, the Baul tradition was included in the list of "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO.  Satyananda Das has mesmerised world audiences with his deep melodious voice and kept the rich tradition of Bengali Baul music alive.